The only way to identify and target your competitors’ most frequent guests.

Location-based technology has opened up a world of new opportunities for hotel marketers, and Point B Communications is taking it to the next level by helping hospitality clients attract their competitors’ most valuable guests through Geo-Conquesting.


Geo-Conquesting Explained

Geo-Conquesting is a highly efficient and very targeted location-based advertising tool that allows you to identify competing hotels’ most desirable guests and target them with digital advertising on their mobile and desktop devices. There is no other way to directly target your competitors’ customers!

Traveler Tracking Technology

Every smartphone has location services which allow websites and applications to provide information related to the user’s current locality. Using the right technology, those same location services allow us to track and record the location of that device over time. Understanding the movement of a mobile device over time is the key to identifying a person’s precise travel habits.

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Identifying Your Best Prospects

Using the movement data available from millions of cellular devices, it is now time to find your ideal prospect. How? Just tell us who your top competitors are - the ones you would most like to steal guests from. Point B will identify travelers who stay at those hotels frequently. Want to get more precise? We can also narrow the focus by income, gender, age and a number of other factors.

Deliver Your Message

Now that your ideal prospects have been identified, it’s time to deliver your message. And with geo-conquesting that message can be delivered at any time, in any location and on any device. Whether they’re at work on their laptop, at the gym with their cell phone or at home with their tablet, your advertising will reach your prospect.


Tracking and Optimizations

Geo-conquesting is no fire-and-forget marketing strategy. On an ongoing basis, experts are monitoring your campaign to ensure proper pacing and peak performance. Further, machine learning and human observation are used to identify and execute optimizations designed to improve your campaign’s performance over time.

Proven Results

Efficient, effective, measurable results

Want to know how your campaign is performing? Simply log into your customized dashboard. You will see a myriad of information including the number of impressions served, the number of clicks received, the cost per click, clicks per day-of-week, geographic location of clicks and more. A monthly reporting conference call will provide additional insights and ample opportunity to speak directly with those managing your campaign.

Impressions Served


Average Click Through Rate

.32 %

Relative to Google Benchmark

400% better

Proven Experience

Hotel Marketing Experts

For over 40 years, Point B Communications has used its hotel marketing expertise to create cutting-edge media strategies and attention-grabbing creative work that has helped our hospitality clients surpass their competition. While some are just starting to talk about Geo-Conquesting, Point B is already delivering on the promise this exciting new tool has to offer.


Get Started with your Free Competitive Audience Evaluation

While the technology our geo-conquesting program uses is quite complex, getting your campaign up and running is quite easy. Simply tell us who your top competitors are and we’ll take care of the rest. Ready to talk to someone? Give us a call at 312.867.7750

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is this possible?
    • We get this question a lot. All cellular devices must specifically ask users if they are willing to share their location. Most say yes because it comes with many benefits, including receiving messages which are more relevant to them. That data allows us to identify users’ patterns of travel, which in turn, allows us to target your most likely prospects. If someone chooses not to share their location, they will never receive a message from us.
  • How long is my commitment?
    • You must commit to a minimum 3-month campaign to get started, although the majority of hotels continue the program long after that based on the success they've seen.
  • Can I pause my campaign?
    • Absolutely. After your first three consecutive months, you may stop and start your existing campaign as you wish, but with minimum 1-month increments. In fact, after a period of time, we often recommend pausing for a couple of months to allow your targeted audience list to refresh.
  • Can I change my budget?
    • Yes, you can change your budget level month-to-month as long as you meet the $1,500 monthly minimum.
  • How and when do I pay?
    • You will be invoiced monthly in advance for the upcoming month. The full monthly payment must be received prior to beginning advertising for that month.
  • Who creates my ads?
    • That’s entirely up to you. Point B Communications employs a talented staff of digital designers who would be thrilled to create your campaign. If you prefer to use your own talent resources, that’s fine. In fact, we will happily share a best practices document along with our technical requirements so your team has the best chance of success.
  • Can I change my ads once they’ve started?
    • Sure, you can change your creative as frequently as once per month for a small fee of $20 per ad. With that said, we encourage you not to make changes too often since you want to give your ads enough time to gain traction so we can accurately assess their performance.
  • When can I see my reports?
    • Whenever and as often as you like. Unlike many services which only provide monthly reporting, we allow full-time access to your data via a daily-updated dashboard. Once a month, we will draft insights regarding your campaign and attach them to your dashboard. We’re also happy to set up a monthly conference call to review and discuss your campaign’s performance.
  • Is this all you do?
    • Absolutely not. Point B Communications is fully entrenched in the world of hospitality marketing. From full brand development to comprehensive go-to-market strategies, we truly touch every aspect of hotel marketing. So if you need help branding your outlet, building a new website, developing in-room materials, creating new sales collateral or most anything else, we’re here to help.