Atlantic Broadband

Atlantic Broadband, one of the largest cable operators in the United States, was having difficulty maintaining a consistent brand message across its various internal and consumer-facing communication channels. They asked Point B to serve as their brand steward and create more consistent and impactful brand communication across all their internal and external audiences while reducing cost and complexity in the entire process.

To understand and quantify the problem, Point B conducted an audit of all marketing materials used in internal and external channels and analyzed brand compliance, effectiveness, cost, and usage. We then created a library of top-performing materials that correctly reflected their brand story. We developed a review and approval process that allows each department to produce communications for their product or service using the approved library of materials. We work with each stakeholder to create the materials they need to address their markets and audiences and then tap into our network of printing and production resources to achieve, on average, a 35% cost savings over past production expenses. Today our brand stewardship and support allow Atlantic Broadband to more effectively launch new products and services and efficiently support division, department, and field marketing staff with customized marketing materials, helping fuel the growth and competitiveness of Atlantic Broadband.

As brand stewards, Point B helps Atlantic Broadband stakeholders across the enterprise meet and even exceed their strategic and tactical needs while maintaining reliable and consistent brand communications, while achieving double-digit production savings.

Point B continually produces high-quality Atlantic Broadband materials on time and budget allow them to be more competitive in their markets and contributing to their aggressive 15% annual growth

Atlantic Broadband now has a reliable one-stop resource and system for all their marketing materials and the confidence that every communication piece will have a consistent brand message at the lowest possible cost and the highest ROI. To date, we've helped save $1.5 million with more significant savings to come.

From revising and printing existing direct mail pieces to brainstorming high-concept corporate initiatives, Point B now supports every aspect of Atlantic Broadband's marketing initiatives.