Branding is the meat and gravy of what we do. We build brands that excite, entice, and breathe life into your business. Branding is typically our first endeavor with any client and sits at the core of everything else we do.


Brand Discovery

To ensure consistent communication and a solid brand platform, Point B starts every new client relationship with its proprietary "Point A" brand workshop. This process includes a facilitative, full-day working session designed to crystallize the vision, thoughts, and beliefs of key stakeholders regarding your brand.


Our naming process includes background research to assist in developing a name that is pertinent and timeless. We present all options with a corresponding rationale. We also conduct a rudimentary trademark search (although trademark protection will require an intellectual property attorney).

Logo Development

When developing logo options for our clients, we explore design variations, typographic treatment, and a color palette, providing several options and modifications for consideration. Ultimately, we deliver, in digital format, a finished logo capable of being reproduced in a full range of mediums, sizes, resolutions, and colors.

Brand Architecture

This process defines what your brand stands for and will separate and elevate you from your competition. Among the elements it includes are target audience/personas, competitive analysis, brand attributes or pillars, brand promise, and core values.

Brand Articulation

We show how your new brand positioning is communicated and brought to life via the look, feel, and tone of voice. This process also demonstrates the operationalization of the brand providing specific examples of how the brand identity, visual vocabulary, and personality will be pulled through different aspects of your customer journey.

Brand Guidelines

Part internal roadmap – part brand bible – these guidelines encapsulate the key findings, brand architecture, and creative approach into a set of do-it-yourself protocols that internal stakeholders can follow to keep your brand on the right path.

Brand Identity

This is where it all comes together. We take all the findings from our research and discovery processes, the brand architecture, and the brand articulation to create the DNA profile that we'll use to project your brand image to consumers and internal audiences alike.