Hirschbach Motor Lines

Faced with increasing competition from its larger, better-known competitors, Hirschbach Motor Lines, an innovative, family-owned trucking company out of Iowa, challenged Point B to attract new clients – but, more importantly, help them recruit and retain experienced drivers. .

Hirschbach maintains a peerless reputation with its clients for reliable, on-time delivery and offers some of the industry's most attractive driver benefits. It also has one of the newest, most technologically advanced fleets on the road. Through spending the time to get to know our client, we quickly became aware of an underlying attitude that evoked an internal pride in the organization. Communicating this attitude would resonate with the target segment and make Hirschbach stand apart in the industry. With our new 'That's How We Roll' brand campaign, Point B was able to personify Hirschbach's superior capabilities to both potential clients and current and prospective drivers.

Since 2016, company revenue has increased by 118%, and its Transport Topics national ranking has improved from 92 to 62.

In an industry where driver turnover can reach over 90%, Hirschbach has been able to maintain some of the highest driver retention rates in the country.

Thanks to its ability to retain and train professional drivers, Hirschbach has continually been recognized as one of the safest and most reliable transportation companies on the road, as measured by the American Trucker's annual carrier safety and reliability survey.