Presbyterian Homes

Point B was tasked with revitalizing the Presbyterian Homes brand and creating a visual identity that would raise the profile of their senior living communities in a highly competitive market. A market segment where the importance of integrated branding cannot be understated.

Utilizing our proprietary Point A process, we engaged the key stakeholders – board members, day-to-day management, and the community residents in defining the elements that embodied the brand. Through research we determined that seniors were more interested in learning about lifestyle options and opportunities primarily, with progressive care information having a secondary focus. Using our extensive knowledge in hospitality, we crafted creative messaging to communicate the myriad of lifestyle options available at Presbyterian Homes. We then explored ways to evolve these brand elements and increase their relevance to a new generation of older adults. That concept became the unifying theme throughout the branding and marketing.

We created a new brand campaign that aligned Presbyterian Homes' strengths with seniors' dreams, needs, and concerns. Our goal was to develop key messages that felt authentic, ownable, and resonated with both seniors and their adult children. Google reviews went up 25%, and 5-star ratings increased by 57%.

Once created, we worked on sustaining the brand's momentum by refining audience targeting, continual digital optimization, and A/B testing to improve the Community's quantity and quality of leads. In the first year, lead volume increased by 37%, and lead conversion increased by 15%.

Throughout this process, we partnered with Presbyterian Homes in a dramatic period of growth and new campus openings, helping them to become one of the most well-respected senior living brands in the Midwest.