Red Kap

As a leading workwear provider for 100 years, Red Kap has built its success on creating functional, purpose-built uniforms with innovative technology specific to what workers across many industries need. Red Kap chose Point B to help strategize, create, and execute an aggressive multi-country B2B lead generation campaign to generate demand and fill a pipeline of qualified leads for the Red Kap Sales Team.

Point B dug deep into the data to identify the needs of industry decision-makers and used the insights resulting from this to develop a messaging strategy that would resonate and address the target market's pain points. We employed very targeted, predominantly digital paid media efforts to drive potential prospects to branded landing pages where our creative messaging was paid off by more information about the brand and encouraged qualified prospects to engage.

Point B's work helped generate over 17,000 landing page views and over 3.2 million video views in the campaign's first year.

The new campaign acquired 1,500+ MQLs in the first year with an actual MQL Revenue Opportunity of $14,081,686 on a $450,000 media spend.