Urban Belly

Established in 2008 by award-winning Chef Bill Kim, Urban Belly is one of Chicago’s most popular Asian-fusion restaurants and one of the tastiest Chicago institutions we know. Given its popularity, Urban Belly wasn’t satisfied with its delivery volume and overall awareness in its trade area. Urban Belly asked Point B to increase delivery orders as well as generate greater awareness, especially for slower dayparts for its location in the very densely populated Wicker Park neighborhood.

With a restaurant located near a bustling Blue line train station, Point B implemented a geographic and frequency targeting strategy, tailoring a digital media buy to an audience of local Chicagoans that lived within a predetermined radius of the restaurant.

The Urban Belly campaign creative resonated with their very loyal customer base and new diners as well, and their conversion rates were nothing short of excellent.

Over 11 months, the digital campaign delivered over 2.4 million impressions with an average click-through rate of .39%, with the restaurant CTR benchmark being 0.19%. For seven months, we saw a click-through rate of at least double the benchmark.

Urban Belly also had a CPC of $1.36 compared to an industry benchmark that sits in the $2-$6 range.

We did lots of comprehensive A/B testing, tested new formats, and continually optimized and incorporated new insights into the campaign to increase overall performance.