The Point B creative team is comprised of seasoned experts all focused on positioning and building brands. Our creative services use a multi-pronged effort that leaves no target untouched. With creative professionals including writers, designers, art directors, pre-press experts, and multimedia specialists, projects are conceived, created, and produced with collaboration and integration to deliver a consistently powerful message at every Point of contact.


Digital Display
& Development

We can tailor your ads to the different stages of the purchase funnel. For instance, if you're retargeting a customer who has already shown interest, your ad should be different compared to if you were engaging with a cold customer. We also think Mobile First – mobile display ads are now outpacing desktop, and 70.3% of all display ads are mobile, compared to 29.7% for desktop.

Video Production

Research shows that video improves viewership on a website and leads to continued click-throughs. In addition, video also boosts SEO. The best way to use this strategy is to include your video content on social media profiles, where people tend to share content faster. And videos are the most efficient way of communicating the feel and personality of your brand. At Point B, we have a multidisciplinary team that allows us to deliver spectacular results. Our video producers work with our creative team to craft a visual style and storyline that fits with the overall branded message. We then draw from our production partners to shoot the video assets. We fit the project to fit the budget. By having in-house capabilities and great production partners, we can design your video from the ground up.


Branded collateral has to tell your brand story to potential clients, and it needs to deliver that story with the same passion and belief you would tell it with yourself. Every piece – brochures, sales sheets, etc. – needs to demonstrate why your products or services are extraordinary, in a direct, impactful manner. Through smart design and compelling copy, we'll translate your brand consistently across all of your collateral pieces.

Display Graphics

Whether designed to sit in a lobby or office space, or to help you grab attention on a busy tradeshow floor, display graphics have to deliver your message concisely and with impact. At Point B, we take pride in providing the kind of big ideas that will get your graphics noticed even in the smallest of spaces.


Advertising is our passion, as well as one of our core capabilities. Whether you market via broadcast, print, or online, our team of talented designers and writers lend their creative insight to tell your stories and bring them to life in ways that deliver real results. 

Print Production
& Oversight

Point B offers its clients an experienced roster of production, pre-press and traffic managers to oversee promotional, print, collateral, signage, and OOH materials.